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"Who is Jesus"

In this booklet, we tackle honestly and head-on one of the most common, and perhaps important, questions of the last two thousand years: Who is Jesus?

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A Grief Like No Other
When Suicide Takes Someone You Love

Losing a loved one to suicide is devastating. Survivors experience emotions and conflicting thoughts that range from shame and fear to anger and guilt. Though these feelings can persist, we have hope in God who understands our distress and is there to comfort and sustain us. 

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A Matter of Time
Taking Control of Your Life

Do you feel perpetually out of time? You're not alone. Unproductive habits embezzle time from us all. With careful planning and practice, you can regain lost hours, improve your time management, and increase your hours of service to God and others.

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A Treasure Revealed: Martin Luther and the Events of the Reformation

A terrifying thunderstorm, a kidnapping, a castle hideout, a knightly disguise... these are the ingredients of a remarkable story. The life of the German monk whose teachings set in motion the events of the Reformation has all of that and the discovery of a treasure—the good news of God’s free gift of forgiveness through faith in Jesus. The world-changing events in 16th-century Europe, events that came to be called the “Reformation,” happened during a time of change. Many people longed for the reform of the Roman Catholic Church and protested against the wealth and greed of church leaders. Scholars studied Hebrew and Greek, discovering and examining ancient manuscripts. Printing presses, the newest social media technology of the day, published the latest ideas. A young law student named Martin Luther changed his career path from law school to a monastery to a position lecturing on the Bible in a university. His study of the Bible would lead him to life-changing discoveries about the treasured good news of God’s love and forgiveness

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Alone, Alive, Fulfilled

This booklet is written and dedicated to everyone that is alone or feels alone. Maybe you're living with your family; but you are somehow alone. Feeling alone can come from many sources. Learning to recognize "being single" as a great gift is vitally important. It doesn't preclude having meaningful relationships in your life. This booklet shares insights on the meaning, love, and contentment with which God can fill your heart so that when you are alone, you can also be fulfilled.
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Alzheimer's: Facing the Loss of a Lifetime

Alzheimer’s disease alters the brain causing memory loss and personality change. While the clinical effects of the disease are well known, the impact it has on the person suffering—as well as the family who cares for them—is much more complex. Told through the eyes of a family experiencing Alzheimer’s, this booklet explores the impact the disease on both the patient and the caregiver. Offering insights on the joys that are still possible throughout the disease, this booklet gives hope by reminding us that though we may forget who we are, God never will.
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An Ingrate's Guide to Contentment: Five Practices for a More Content Life - No Matter Who You Are

Contentment in this world is an elusive thing. Even with our necessities met and a few perks thrown in for good measure, it can still feel like something's missing. The truth of the matter is there will always be a void if we tie our sense of inner peace to the fleeting things and nature of this world. Offering insight on some key "practices" to implement concerning contentment, the author shows how being content is very much tied to our perspective. Citing the apostle Paul's illuminating view on contentment as found in the book of Philippians, the author drills down to the Source of true peace and satisfaction in this life.
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Battles with the Bottle

This is a book about battles: the battle “with” the bottle—and the battle “beyond” the bottle. If you find yourself engulfed in either of these battles, this booklet is for you! You never planned for the battles alcohol introduced into your life. But you can experience victory over them—the victory called recovery. Within these pages, you will be introduced to the source of strength and love that will lead you to the peace you crave.
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Beyond Divorce

With divorce comes upheaval. Like puzzle pieces scattered on a floor, the divorced person is left putting his or her life back together—often with only the faintest picture to work from. Compounding the collapse of a relationship that was once “till death do us part” are fits of anger, intense frustration and, sometimes, a hopelessness that knows no bounds. No bounds that is, until God’s grace can change the hearts of those involved.
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Cancer: Courage Through Christ

Hearing the diagnosis of cancer brings fear, discouragement, resignation, regret, sorrow--but hanging on to those emotions will block the individual from seeing the bigger picture that God is in control, even when confronting cancer. In this booklet, inspiration comes from God's Word and the real-life stories of people, who have been through this disease themselves. Their words--candid and sincere--offer fist-hand insights.
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Comebacks: How to Get Back Up after Life Knocks You Down

For those of us who have blown it or would like a "re-do," comebacks are high on the agenda. There's no shortage of things in this world that can "rock our boat" or "upset our applecart." Natural disasters, human crazies, financial perils, messed-up childhoods--any or all of these can put us down-- and keep us there, if we let them. There's good news though. Getting knocked down isn't getting knocked out. Whether it's a sucker punch or a shot from your blind side that dropped you to the ground, you can make a personal comeback.
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Coping with Cancer

Learn about the changes a cancer diagnosis brings through the reflections of those who struggle with the disease. Using the "Lord's Prayer" as a basis, it offers words of comfort.
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Dealing with Depression

This booklet explore some of the many causes of depression & suggests some appropriate courses of action to minimize its effects.
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Depression Understanding the Pieces of the Puzzle

Depression is a debilitating condition that can leave one devastated and hopeless. Assisting depressed individuals takes love, respect, patience, and support. There are no simple solutions, but knowing God is with us—no matter what we’re going through—can comfort and sustain us.
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Everyone Is a Gift

This booklet reminds us that people are God’s creation who possess special gifts from Him. God can transform us to see others how He sees them. When this happens, doors open, attitudes shift, conversations change, and relationships can grow because our perspective is grounded in love not divisiveness.
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Finding Balance

Feel like you're being pulled in a thousand directions at once? Packed with practical suggestions, this booklet offers great insight into managing your life.
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First-Class Faith Sharing:
Methods & Motivations

As we all know, sharing our faith is a challenge. Considering the message we possess, however, one wouldn't think it would be. After all, we have the truth that can change everything for everyone: God sent His Son to die for our sins and by believing in Him as Savior we have eternal life in His Name. At face value, telling others about this doesn't seem too complicated.
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For Better, For Worse
Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

Soaring divorce rates indicate that good marriages don’t just happen. A good marriage requires a firm foundation and effective ways to deal with key areas, such as financial concerns, decision-making processes and child-rearing. This booklet shares four principles of a healthy marriage and provides practical recommendations to maintain the love that brought you together in the first place. If you are married or if marriage is in your future, this booklet will provide insights to help you avoid becoming a divorce statistic.
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Forgiveness is a Choice

With real-world scenarios and points to ponder, this booklet shows how forgiveness takes work and a desire to get beyond the offenses we've experienced or have committed against others. The forgiveness model in this difficult task, of course, is what God the Father has done for us through His Son. The act of forgiving is central to many problems people have with each other. God's free gift of forgiveness leads to peace and eternal life.
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Forgiveness is For Giving

Everyone needs forgiveness and everyone needs to forgive. Discover how forgiveness, offered and received, leads to a transforming peace.
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What comes to mind when you hear the word "rich?" Culture places a strong emphasis on money, on the possessions it can buy. But those who develop a gambling problem go beyond mere security. In this booklet we take a look at both the power of the addiction itself and the transforming power of recovery.
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Get a Grip
Managing Moods and Emotions

Is there a cure for the blues? It is said that “misery loves company,” but does that mean that the company you keep loves your misery? We all experience a range of emotions each and every day—the key is to keep our emotions from taking over our outlook on life. From emotional triggers to mood-busters, you will find this booklet brimming with strategies for managing moodiness. Best of all, you’ll discover how to find hope, peace, and comfort… when you need it the most
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Glad Tidings

Discover the rich heritage of ten classic Christmas carols. A must for music buffs! We celebrate and share the message.
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Great Deceiver

The enemy, Satan, is a thief, murderer, and liar, according to Scripture. As a deceiver he is unrivaled. As God’s children by faith in Jesus, we have hope in the victory the Savior gives us through His life, death, and resurrection. Satan is defeated—no matter how he might want us to believe otherwise.
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Grief: Where Sadness and Hope Meet

The grief we experience over profound loss in this world, particularly the death of a loved one, is an emotional journey different for each of us. There are no hard and fast rules for getting through such an ordeal; as individuals we ride it out to the best of our ability. While some are emotional “basket cases,” erupting in tears for long periods of time, others face this trauma with a type of stoicism or hard-edged exterior. Regardless of the person’s reaction, however, God is there in the middle of it, ever available to comfort and bring us through our suffering and tears. And that’s the point of this booklet: our grief, while it can be intense and debilitating, is not a thing that can’t be managed and, eventually, overcome. That is, of course, where God comes in. Though life has dealt us a terrible blow, we know His grace is sufficient, healing even the heartache of our loved one’s absence in this world.
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Has God Abandoned Me?
For Women Facing Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has no boundaries, and it does not care about social standing, age, ethnicity or religion. It traps its victims in a very lonely and frightening prison. This booklet is designed to answer questions and help you understand the cycle of violence, develop a plan for the future and know that God will never forsake an abused woman.
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Healthy From the Inside Out

Inside you'll find a plan for evaluating your current lifestyle and tips for developing healthy eating and living patterns. Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.
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Helping Your Child Have a Relationship with God

There is hope for anyone who wants to nurture their child’s faith by helping them have a relationship with God. By pausing to call out to God, remembering He is at work, and pondering God’s character, parents can shift their focus to be more God-reliant. This booklet explores how parents and grandparents can partner with God using two practical rhythms (planning special moments and responding to everyday moments) that will help their child or grandchild learn how to pray to God and understand His Word. Over time, this God-reliant focus establishes a pattern of responding to life’s everyday moments that children see as an effective approach for their own lives.
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Helping Your Child Welcome Others

This booklet, written by Mary Oldfield, is great for parents wanting to raise friendly and welcoming children. As God invites each of us into His family, we too can encourage this trait with youngsters. Supporting Scripture verses, ample personal experiences, and nearly 20 years of work as a children’s ministry director give the author an inside track on what works with kids. This booklet is a valuable resources for parents, grandparents, and church workers alike.
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Helping Your Child Grow Through Faith Conversations

There is hope for anyone who wants to nurture their child’s faith by helping them grow through faith conversations. Parents can look to Jesus and follow His example in having conversations with their children in their everyday lives. In an uncomplicated approach, this booklet explores how parents can use five of Jesus’ methods and cover five of Jesus’ kingdom topics in conversations with their child. It also answers the practical question of when and where to have these conversations.
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HERE You Are HERE in God's Plan

The basics of Christianity in a conversational style. Law and Gospel are presented in relational, personal terms as well as through Scripture. Faith stories, a glossary of terms, a prayer for the new believer and much more!
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Hope and Healing - Surviving Breast Cancer

Of all the cancers out there, breast cancer is particularly feared. While women naturally recoil at this diagnosis, the truth is this form of cancer is often highly treatable. With early detection and a proactive doctor-patient strategy for care and follow-up, favorable outcomes for those with this disease are improving steadily. Advances in oncology have done much to lengthen people's lives and in many cases eradicate the cancer altogether. That being said, battling cancer is no small challenge and doing so often requires surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other forms of treatment. Combating it is an all-in effort best waged by leaning on God, staying focused on your care and, ideally, engaging with supportive family and friends. In all of this, knowing that God is there with you in your cancer, especially in your cancer, is the single most important take-away from this disease. Here Jesus puts the matter into perspective, "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows" (Matthew 10:29-31).
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How to Know What's Right... And Do It

This booklet explores the foundation of sound decisions and offers a four-step process to guide your decision-making.
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How to Talk About Your Faith: An Introduction to the Spiritual Conversation Curve

Equip yourself with knowledge and confidence to have faith-sharing dialogues with others. This easy-to-read, easy-to-use booklet is ideal for helping you have more fruitful conversations about Jesus.
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Journey Through Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all experience. Threats that are both perceived and real rob us of our wellbeing, leaving us hamstrung by fear and living way below our capacity. We may also question our faith in life’s most anxious moments. God knows what unsettles us, however, and His Spirit gives us the power, love, and self-control to face our fears—and emerge victorious.

Our anxiety can be managed. Author expertise gives welcome insight into exposing some root causes behind our fears and the reasons why they persist. Ten creative exercises help readers explore personal anxieties from various angles to unmask their fears, attain clarity, and gain skills in moving forward. God is with us in our anxieties, but we need to intentionally engage the process of getting through our fears.

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Journey Through the Rat Race

Does life feel like a never-ending to-do list of duties and obligations? Tending to the pressing needs of work, family, finances, and more can run us ragged, diminishing our hopes and dreams, in the process. It’s sad but true—and without addressing these issues, things are not likely to change.

In Journey Through the Rat Race, you’ll find a supportive voice to help identify and manage the perils of a life too full. Road-tested insights are combined with self-assessment exercises to help readers find the best path forward. Key Scriptures highlight God’s desire for our lives to be balanced and centered on Him.

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Life Together

Explores the rich and diverse context in which God defines families on earth and examine the behaviors and attitudes that characterize strong, healthy relationships.
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Live the Six: Learning to Live as an Everyday Missionary

Though few Christians would say that Gospel outreach and/or missionary efforts are reserved for those intrepid souls who serve in a foreign country, this attitude often seems strangely reflective of many believers' ways of thinking. In this Project Connect booklet by Pastor Dion Garrett, he shares practical, down-to-earth strategies for taking the Gospel to the streets, sharing it with all those exotic people we meet--like our neighbors, our friends, maybe even somebody at our church.
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Living with True Confidence

You are a woman of many faces: daughter, mother, wife, employee, friend, sister, caretaker, student… Each role is unique. This booklet offers valuable insight through using the stories of three women, living in three different places, at three different times. Each one faced the world with unshakable confidence and certainty. Join them in living with true confidence.
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Love Thy Neighborhood

This booklet highlights the Biblical theme of God’s people caring for and helping their neighbors in the communities where they live. This is done with Christ-centered service, a loving witness, and showing a genuine, non-partial concern for those in one’s neighborhood.
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Loved... And Not Forgotten

The number of individuals incarcerated in the United States is an enormous figure, with more than two million people behind bars. While those imprisoned are there for a variety of offenses, none are sentenced to a life that excludes the Gospel.
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Managing Your Money Financial Freedom

Are you struggling to manage your money? Feel like your finances are spinning out of control? Does the subject of money launch you into stress, shame or even denial? If so, you are not alone. This booklet was written by someone who has struggled first-hand with financial failure and explores the emotional component of money problems and provides practical money management tools to help you gain clarity and hope for your financial future.
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Mormons: Who they Are, What They Believe

The Mormon Church (aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is an intriguing--and perplexing--religious movement. From its feel-good, family-oriented TV commercials to its Grammy- and Emmy-winning Mormon Tabernacle Choir to its earnest bicycling missionaries, the Mormon Church is high profile all the way. Founded in the early 19th century, this religious group boasts more than 15 million members and 85,000 missionaries, ranking it in the top five of "Christian denominations" in the U.S., according to the National Council of Churches. What makes this group distinctive and how does it differ from other churches? Questions like these and more are addressed in this informative booklet.
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My Digital Voice: an Introduction to the Digital Conversation Pledge

Every year more and more conversations happen online. Nearly 4.5 billion people around the world access the internet regularly, and 3.5 billion of them regularly converse on social media! Communicating in this digital age can be fun and exciting. Digital conversations provide us with powerful opportunities to connect with and bless other people. But research reveals that these digital interactions bring us unique temptations as well—temptations to communicate differently than we normally would face-to-face. In this booklet we discover what the research reveals about our digital conversations and what God’s Word reveals about how we can faithfully and powerfully engage in them. You have a digital voice—a voice that is distinct, is unique, and matters. Are you ready to use your digital voice to make a real difference in the world? We invite you to join a movement of like-minded Christians who want to shine their digital lights in a dark world. Start by taking the Digital Conversation Pledge inside this booklet.
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No Need to Fear Dealing with Spiritual Anxiety

Anxiety, in one form or another, currently affects more than 20 million Americans. It comes in many forms: excessive worry, inability to make even the simplest decisions, discouraging thoughts, edginess, irritability, and panic attacks, to name a few. For those experiencing it, anxiety can be paralyzing. In this booklet you will discover how to stop focusing on perceived fears and begin tapping into an incredible source of help and hope.
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Now You Are Talking Practical Ways to Effectively Manage Conflict

One characteristic of healthy relationships is effective communication. However, communication breakdowns are often left undetected until conflicts arise. Because it’s often hard to understand the root causes of conflict, this booklet focuses on how life experiences shape communication patterns and personal conflict style. Communication patterns can change and become more effective if just one person involved makes healthy changes in their behavior. In this booklet you will discover Biblical resolutions for conflict and ways to build stronger relationships.
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Out of the Shadows

If someone you love has an addiction, you can make changes that can free you for a life of joy and peace. Learn how to stop feeling responsible for your loved one's choices.
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Overcoming a Painful Childhood
Hope and Healing for Adult Survivors of Abuse and Neglect

This booklet is for the millions of men and women, whose lives are affected by abuse or neglect as a child, adult survivors of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. Recovering from a painful childhood is a slow process—and you need not do it alone. With the help from God and people who care, you can learn how to cope abuse, how to care for your particular needs as a survivor, and how to build a better future relationships.
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Own the Zone

Running on empty? Feeling zapped with zilch energy? There's no day better than today to begin reaching for the energy you need for the life you lead.
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Parenting Families Practical Strategies for the Blended Family

Parenting within a blended family is especially difficult. How can you avoid letting the past fracture your future? At times it may even seem hopeless. But, take heart; it is possible to build a new family unit that stands strong against the assaults of the past. It requires a new way of thinking, a new way of approaching life together. Take a moment to read what ’s inside this booklet.
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Parenting Families Practical Strategies for the Family Life

Life as a parent has its great moments… joy, pride, and more love than you thought possible. Parenting has its low moments too… times of loneliness, frustration, and some days more heartache than you thought possible. If you are tired of trying trendy how-to strategies that only prove to fall short, discover the life-changing approach to parenting found within the pages of this booklet.
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Parenting Families Practical Strategies for the Single Parent

You are a single parent. Most likely you didn’t choose the circumstances that led up to this time in your life, but here you are—mom and dad rolled into one. Double the stresses. Double the issues. Double the frustrations. And then there is your child, catching you off guard and pushing your “buttons.” Even the smallest issues can turn into power struggles. What to do? Within the pages of this book, you’ll find answers.

Parenting with Purpose

Without a doubt, parenting is hard. Yet, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Between busy schedules you may find yourself lost in such a whirlwind of immediacy that you lose focus. How can you love and protect your children in the best way? How do you parent them with purpose? Inside this booklet, you’ll discover practical insights to strengthen the way you relate to your children—helping you find the Christ-centered rhythm God intends for you and your family.
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Parents of Prodigals

Have you ever known a parent who is experiencing a relationship standoff with a child? This booklet considers the impasse that leads the child to take flight—become prodigal—in his or her response to a grievous home situation. Love, forgiveness, and open arms are central to the answer, and though the parents may find these attributes hard to come by, with God all things are possible—even the longed-for return of a prodigal child.
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Pornography and the Search for Intimacy

This booklet outlines the four stages of sexual addiction and shares steps to restoring and rebuilding our relationships with God and others.
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Prayer: When You Don't Know What to Say

In this booklet are considered the ways God answers prayer, why praying is important, and the words of our prayers. An examination of "The Lord's Prayer" offers valuable insights into this magnificent and simple little prayer, which Jesus gave His disciples. More than just wish lists we put before God, our prayers are an opportunity to share our deepest thoughts and heartfelt concerns with Him, who always has our best interests in mind.
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Prayers and Thoughts for Caregivers

If you are a caregiver or know someone who is, this booklet will help. Read the insights, thought, and prayers from someone who has been a caregiver for more than ten years.
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Raising Your Children with Respect
30 Helpful Tips for Parents

Raising a family is hard work, especially in today’s world. Many external forces reach into our homes and influence our families, but studies still show that children look to their parents for guidance in the major areas of their lives. This booklet offers helpful tips for building a rewarding relationship with your children. You’ll find suggestions for opening up communication, stimulating creativity, and setting the right example, and raising your children with respect.
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Regrets, Reality, Restoration

Regrets: whose life is not plagued by at least a few of these nagging leftovers from the past? The things we regret doing--or not doing, as the case may be--can wear us down, reshaping our lives and our sense of self, in the process. Left unattended, regrets erode our self-esteem, our willingness to press on, even our ability to think clearly. Everything becomes shrouded by the guilt, the pain we've caused, the sense that lives have been ruined, or at least dreadfully altered, by our foolish mistakes. What's happened in our lives, however, does not have to dictate the present--or the future. We can move beyond the crippling anguish and pain our decisions may have caused. Still, restoration--true restoration--is not purely a matter of willpower and positive thinking. It's turning to the One who has taken all our griefs, sorrows, anxieties, blunders, and misdeeds to the cross and where, once and for all time, He won for us an ultimate victory, through His death and resurrection. In Jesus there is a way out of your past. There is no sin beyond pardon. Even as Peter was devastated by his callousness toward the Savior's predicament and arrest, he was restored--by the grace of God--to a life that has made a difference in the lives of untold millions through the centuries.

Renew the Romance in Your Marriage

Do you feel like you’ve traded in romance for irritation of everyday conflict, a tense feeling at home, and a spouse who doesn’t seem to care about what you need or want? You can renew the romance! Learn to focus on your relationship, the “WE,” when problems arise. You can regain control of the mood to make your relationship a comfortable place to be yourself and to share intimacy, love, and affections with your spouse.
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Self-Control in an Addictive World

Addiction may be our greatest mental, physical, financial and spiritual challenge. When you cannot find self-control, you cannot experience the joy-filled life you want. If you are having difficulty controlling your behavior, these things may cross your mind: how do I know if I have an addiction? What causes lack of self-control? How can I change my behavior? How can I help my loved one find self-control? This booklet answers these and other questions to give hope for a life that is addiction-free.
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Setting Priorities

Caught in a time trap with too much to do and too little time? Feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions? Then this booklet is for you! It’s packed with practical suggestions for getting your priorities in order. The author’s light-hearted approach is easy to read and offers great insight into managing your life from inside out! Best of all, you’ll find out that you’re #1 on someone’s list of priorities!
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So You Prayed for a Miracle...

Do modern day miracles really happen? Have you seen them in other's lives, but never felt they occurred in yours? The miraculous healing done by Jesus was widely described while He was on earth. However, what constitutes a healing miracle now? Why would some people experience a seemingly miraculous healing while others do not? In this booklet you'll discover why Jesus performed miracles of healing. Today, many people wonder why miracles don't happen. While Jesus' miracles were very visible, the most important miracle He performed was providing eternal life for all who believe.

Speaking of Care

Have you ever considered the demands of giving and receiving care? This booklet shares the challenges, joys, and unexpected blessings experienced by those deeply involved in the care process. Authors Ron and Maggie Hilmer understand the dynamics of care from the inside out. Ron is a pastor with Parkinson’s disease; Maggie is a physical therapist who has congenital heart problems and chronic back pain. Together they have learned how to help each other over life’s physical hurdles through their love for each other and their faith in God.

Providing care is a tall order. “Assisting a loved one whose needs require daily attention is not easy,” says Maggie.

Sooner or later each of us may be giving or receiving care. Ron asks, “Can anyone really avoid suffering? No, it is part of the human nature inherited from Adam after the fall of man into sin.” This reality, however, can have immense benefit when considered a rightly. “It can rouse us; it can awaken us from our lethargy and point us to the suffering Savior,” he says.

Join the Hilmers as they share frankly and with good humor the perspectives, they’ve gained from 16 years of marriage and as partners in the caregiving-receiving process.

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Strength and Honor: The Spiritual Warfare against Pornography

Pornography, sadly, is a word all too familiar these days. To say porn has crept into our households would be an understatement; its advance has been more like a march, leaving a host of casualties in its wake: individuals, marriages, families relationships, careers, sometimes even one's faith--go down the drain, as this take-no-prisoner scourge derails Christian and non-Christian alike. In this booklet the reader will find insights and hope to battle this pernicious vice.

Stressed but Connected

Unresolved issues. Financial trouble. Neglected health. Everyone feels stressed out. Right? Wrong! Everybody has stress, but not everyone is stressed out. If you've accepted stress as a way of life, this booklet is for you. From setting healthy personal boundaries to eliminating procrastination, these sensible strategies will help you manage stress before stress manages you. Best of all, you'll discover that you don't need to handle the pressure alone - as you embrace God's "best" for your life!

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Surviving Breast Cancer
One Woman's Story of Victory and Hope)

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women except for skin cancer. Many new cases will be diagnosed every year. The medical questions and lifestyle changes accompanying breast cancer can be overwhelming. You may feel fear, anger, confusion, depression, anxiety, and frustration. It may seem like you’ll never feel normal again. Here is the story of one woman who faced breast cancer, learned to cope, and found hope in the midst of the ordeal. Her practical suggestions and spiritual strength offer guidance and encouragement as well.
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Take Heart in Your Grief

This booklet explores the common feelings people have during a grieving period when a loved one die. Not even death can stop God's love from reaching out to us.
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Taking Control

Do you feel overextended-controlled by expectations of others? This booklet will help you strike a balance by developing healthy boundaries.

Talking Openly with Kids
Facing Today's Tough Issues

There are scores of books for new parents or parents of toddlers, but none of these will prepare you for communicating with your pre-teen on the issues of peer pressure, sex, drugs, violence and death. Recognizing the signs of trouble in your children as well as understanding your own nonverbal messages are two areas necessary for establishing effective communication patterns. This booklet offers practical advice on how and when to address these subjects with your children.
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Talking with God

There are many forms of prayer ranging from the very formal and memorized to the casual and spontaneous. Regardless of the type you choose, remember that each prayer is your special time to converse with God, your loving Father. This booklet explores why we pray, how we pray, and what happens when we pray. Above all, the author encourages us to view prayer as an invitation to speak with absolute candor to the One who loves us beyond measure, without fear or rejection.

The Bible: What? When? Why?

Why do Christians care so much about Bible? They read the Bible and talk about it and study it. They preach and teach about it. Why is this book so important? When was it written? Who is it about? What is it that makes it so different from other books that have come down to us through the centuries? In this booklet you will learn about the individual books within the Bible that form the Scriptures as a whole - the Word of God given to mankind.

The Conflict at Home: Soldiers Confronting PTSD

The psychological and physical upheaval of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is discussed in this booklet. In casual prose, the author brings the reader into the heart of the matter: PTSD is nothing to be ashamed of—but it must be dealt with. He reminds the reader this struggle is winnable, but won’t be won by dodging the problem. Instead, it will take God’s grace, the Holy Spirit’s power and the soldier’s commitment to see it through.
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The Journey Home
(Prison Ministry Bible Study)

The Journey Home by Rev. Leroy Johnson was written for all of us. Using Luke's "Parable of the Prodigal Son", Johnson takes the reader through this unforgettable story told by Jesus to a few of those who liked to frequent His impromptu monologues: tax-collectors, sinners, Pharisees and scribes. The narrative follows a storyline of wanton, rebellion (the lost son); desperate heartache and longing for his safe return (the father); and jealous resentment over the father's warm welcome (the older brother). It's a story where each of us can fit ourselves into the cast of characters. In this parable Jesus does more than turn the mirror on us, showing us our selfishness and self-absorbed natures (the brothers); rather, he paints a moving portrait of the father—our Father—who "pulls out all the stops" to celebrate his lost son's return. The Journey Home is a 12-lesson Bible study packed full of insight on the nature of God's love for us and how we can responsibly live our lives as Christ-followers. Outlines chart the direction of each lesson and questions reinforce the material covered. Along the way, Scripture verses highlight and drive home the biblical points made, adding clarity to the discussion. Just like the father in Jesus' parable, our Heavenly Father seeks our safe return from those places we have gone without Him. The Journey Home—there's hope for all of us in the shelter of God's grace. 

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The Mystery of You: Clues to Your True Identity

We all have background filled with an assortment of experiences and people. Throughout our lives it's easy to build our perception of self--good or bad--on these variables. We do this at our peril; however, for we are flawed by sin from the beginning, unable on our own to fully discern our true identities. But there is One who knows us best, understand us fully, and loves us anyway. Whether our self-image is inflated by pride or beaten down by self-accusation, our identity--our fullest identity--is found in Jesus.
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The Purpose of Living, The Purpose of Dying

We all have background filled with an assortment of experiences and people. Throughout our lives it's easy to build our perception of self--good or bad--on these variables. We do this at our peril; however, for we are flawed by sin from the beginning, unable on our own to fully discern our true identities. But there is One who knows us best, understand us fully, and loves us anyway. Whether our self-image is inflated by pride or beaten down by self-accusation, our identity--our fullest identity--is found in Jesus.
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The Truth About Angels

Today's media features many stories on angels. The New Age Movement suggests that each of us has a "personal angel" and encourages us to get in contact with it. Do angels really exist? Explore the biblical evidence of angels and their purpose inside this booklet. You'll also discover answers to many of the questions raised in the media and by New Age religious movements. Inside you'll find the special role angels serve in delivering the Gospel message.
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There's More to Anger than Getting Mad

Poorly managed anger is the root of many serious physical, social and emotional problems, including poor health, chronic disease, depression, unhappy relationships, violence and crime. Some people are taught that it's wrong to get angry. Others are taught it's their right to get angry! The truth is that everyone gets angry. Anger is a natural feeling that shows your something is wrong an can stir your to action against that which hurts you or others. This booklet provides productive ways to express your anger, what to say, and how to say it.
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Those Who Serve

This prayer guide is designed to be used by the members of the United States Military. A family companion prayer guide, Those Who Support, is also available for use by loved ones of the military, separated by miles but sharing the same concerns
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Those Who Support

This prayer guide is designed to be used by the loved ones of those serving in the United States Military. A companion prayer guide, Those Who Serve, is also available for use by those in the military, separated by miles but sharing the same concerns.

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Uncover the Lover Within
Rediscovering Intimacy in Your Marriage

The author of this booklet shares what she’s learned from ten years of marriage and from professional experience counseling couples. Scholars say that making marriage a top priority is the best gift we can give our children. She’ll show you how to create romance in your marriage, from creating the right mood and caring for yourself to looking at your relationship from a new perspective.

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Unlocking the Prison of Guilt

We all struggle with guilt. Now while it’s never pleasant, it can be useful. If guilt burdens you and prevents you from moving on, however, something is wrong. Is there an emotional issue or something you’ve done that has you locked in a prison of blame? It might be a personal habit or an inappropriate relationship. Maybe it was a single mistake you just can’t get beyond. Living in guilt is nobody’s idea of a good life, but there is a way to overcome it. Learn how one man found freedom from the torturous shame of an adulterous affair and murder, and how you can have the same freedom, too.
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Victim, Validated, Victorious

This booklet is a source to help individuals, family members or loved ones in the midst of overcoming a life-shattering event. It is intended to illustrate that faith in Christ Jesus and His saving work on the cross are vital for those devastated by something or someone. This text is not the final answer to victim issues. Instead, it's a way for that person to recover with God's help, so he or she can regain hope and trust.
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What Happens When I Die?

There's an end that awaits us all: death. In this life, few things are as unnerving as our own demise. We encounter the idea of death and dying probably every day--in the news, on countless television programs, among those we know--but do we ever really think about what becomes of us when we're dead and gone--never to return to our lives, our family and friends and those we love the most? In this booklet human death--and what Scripture says about the end of our lives--is explained to Christians and non-Christians alike. Examining biblical passages dealing with the "body," "soul," "heaven," "hell" and other topics, this booklet answers this difficult question about death.
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What Is Christmas?

Christmas isn’t always the bright and cheery affair found in songs or movies. Can it be merry for a family struggling through unemployment, alienation, and terminal illness? For families working through hurt feelings, strained relationships—even the oncoming death of a loved one—Christmas can be a trying time. In this booklet the reader is reminded that God’s gift of love in Jesus Christ can heal every wound and repair every broken relationship.
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What is Faith in Jesus?

John 3:16. Have your ever seen a fan at a football game holding up a sign with this Bible reference on it? If you’ve ever grown curious and looked up that verse, you’ve found out that it’s an invitation to “believe” in Jesus.

But what exactly does it mean to “believe” or “have faith” in Jesus? Is belief a mindless posture for the weak-minded? Is faith something for the extremely religious? Does having faith mean you stop asking questions? Or, as we see with the very first Christians, is faith in Jesus a simple profound, life-changing decision to trust?

In this booklet, we tackle honestly and head-on a question that people have been asking for over 2,000 years—What is faith in Jesus?

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What Lutherans Believe

Were you raised in a church and have some serious doubts and questions? Maybe you have no church background at all? Do you have a friend or family member that's Lutheran and you are thinking of checking it out? Finding the complete answers may be impossible. So for a quick glance read on...
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When in Doubt... Read the Book!
Life As It Was Designed to Be

What is true religion? When in doubt, consult the Bible. It's our manual for living. Just as you would not build a house without studying the blueprint, or embark on a new trip without studying the map, why try to live life without reading 'the book'? Inside this booklet, you will see that God has given us the way to live life in His Word, the Bible. Not by our own strength, but because of His goodness, we can know Him - and His plan for us - intimately.

Where's God in All of This?

Suffering happens all around us. Sometimes it comes in the form of a natural disaster; other times it's caused by humans. Sometimes suffering is fueled by economic or medical conditions; at other times it appears randomly. So many different forms, but they all drive us back to that age-old question. But God's Spirit reminds us that even in the midst of seemingly pointless suffering, God has a purpose and it will ultimately work for our good because God has called us as His children.
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Why Did Jesus Die?

One of the most recognized symbols in the world is the cross. The cross (two simple lines, one vertical, one horizontal) can be recognized the world over. When you stop and think about it, this is an odd sort of fame for an instrument of capital punishment! And yet the cross has obviously caught on.

But why? Why have Christians adopted the cross as their central symbol? Why did Jesus' death by a cross become such a focal point for Christians? Why do some Christians go so far as to describe the cross as "precious"?

In this booklet, we tackle honestly and head-on the question at the core of this 2,000-year preoccupation with the cross: Why did Jesus die?


Why Do Bad Things Happen? (Courage During Difficult Times)

The author rose to the challenge when asked to revise his writings about commonly asked questions in the face of heartache. In this booklet, he shares in easy-to-understand language why trouble exists in the world, the benefit that can come from suffering and what God has done to deal with the evil and pain of this world. This booklet also provides valuable insights for sharing God's love and reminds readers that His desire is to comfort His people in all situations.
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Why Should I Go to Church?

When you hear the word "church" or see a church building in your neighborhood, how do you feel? Do you smile at a warm memory? Do you have questions about what the people of that church believe and do? You are not alone. No matter where you are in your spiritual life, we invite you to discover the possibilities through the experiences of people just like you. Read the stories of smiles, frowns and lives transformed.
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Your Place in God's Plan

What's your purpose in life? Like spokes without a hub, a life without a purpose--a center--feels futile and empty. This booklet will help you gain a deeper understanding about God's plans for you and with you. Whether in your family, workplace or community, God's plans will make the most of the gifts, talents and abilities He has entrusted to you. Discover how the pieces of your life fit beautifully together in His purpose--His glorious purpose.
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30 Days of Household Devotions

Do you want to grow closer to God? Would you like to learn how to share Jesus’ love with others? Think about trying household devotions! They’re a great way to grow individually and as a group of people who love the Lord.
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